What is GEAR?

GEAR is a travel assistance membership that is focused on Security and Natural Disaster responses that are not typically available in most travel insurance policies.

What is GEARx?

GEAR X is the medical aspect of the GEAR Travel Assistance Membership focused on providing medical evacuation along with a host of other benefits.

What is GEAR Tech?

GEAR Tech is a smart app designed for members to provide them situational awareness and ease of activating their membership.

How do I activate the membership?

Simply open the app and press the distress button, this will alarm in our Global Response Centre highlighting your position and we will provide assistance up to the level of benefits included within your membership. No claims forms or extra payments are required.

Does the membership cover me globally?

Yes, apart from when a member elects to travel to Sanctioned countries, or locations where a recognised authority [being the home or host country, British Foreign Office, United States Department of State, and/or the Foreign Office of Canada] advises against all travel, the membership agreement is then amended to security advice only.

Am I being tracked with GEAR Tech?

The member can determine their own privacy features within GEAR Tech ranging from the Global Response Centre having the ability to see what country the member is in in through to an exact location. Historic locations are not displayed, only live locations to assist with evacuations.

Is GEAR a travel Insurance?

No, GEAR is a travel assistance membership. Travel insurance is primarily designed to provide financial protection against basic travel issues like trip cancellation and local medical bills. GEAR is a membership program that has been specifically designed to help you in extraordinary situations, such as a life-threatening travel crisis, or a security emergency.  You may find some travel insurances may include these services, but travel insurance doesn’t specialise in handling these kinds of situations on a daily basis.

With GEARx which hospital will I be evacuated to?

Depending on your membership level we will provide emergency medical evacuation to either the nearest hospital or medical facility that is equipped to deal with the medical emergency, or home country hospital.

Does GEARx cover me for a COVID repatriation?


Can I buy for a short-term trip?

Yes, you can buy any duration of cover from 8 days to 90 days.