Why do I need insurance?

We all face some sort of risk on a daily basis. These are unforeseen and unpredictable events that can result in liability to you or loss or damage to your assets. The risks we want to avoid or insure against are those that we cannot recover from based on our savings and personal support system and would require us to borrow from a third party lender which will result in financial hardship. This is why insurance is an important instrument to protect ourselves against unexpected events such as accidents, fire, severe weather, theft and so much more. Insurance protects you against a financial setback and helps restore you to the position you were before the event.

Why is it best to have a broker assist me?

A professional and qualified broker will understand your personal circumstance and risk appetite, will analyse your risk profile and the exposures you face, will highlight what is insurable and what not and will make design or recommendations on the best product solutions available to you. These products are often only available to you via a licensed professional intermediary such as Everything.Insure and cannot be bought directly. Everything.Insure will also generally provide these products to you at preferentially negotiated pricing because of their strategic relationships with insurers. Your broker is also available to provide ongoing advice, make policy amendments, submit and finalise claims on your behalf. Everything.Insure allows you to do any of these functions yourself by giving you access to our state of the art technology that enables you to safely and securely self-serve. Your broker is your agent, has your best interests at heart and always acts on your behalf with no alignment to any product provider, service provider or insurer.

Does it cost me more to use a broker?

No. Contrary to statements by direct insurers there is no extra cost to have a broker and no need to cut out the middle-man. In fact your broker (like your accountant, tax advisor and lawyer) provides a vital technical service that is best left to a professional even though you can do it yourself. Many benchmark studies have shown that the cost of insurance via a broker is no more expensive than buying directly and is often cheaper with the added benefit of having a professional to advise you through the complexities choosing the right covers and then navigating a complex claim.

How do I go about cancelling my insurance?

It is very easy to cancel without experiencing any penalty. All you have to do is advise us of the exact date you want to cancel. You can do this by calling us, emailing us or doing it yourself online. Please note, we will need to ensure that this is a valid instruction from you, so some verification may be required.

Is there a cooling off period should I no longer wish to continue after signing up?

You are welcome to cancel at any time. You will only be charged for the days that you were on cover for.

How long will my insurance cover continue following the cancellation of a policy?

Your cover will continue until the date you requested cancellation for, and you will only be charged for these days. There is no penalty for cancelling. Please note: cancelling online only allows you to cancel at the end of the month. Should you wish to end your cover in the middle of the month, you can contact us directly.

How do I prove what I said in an online sign-up, in the event of a dispute?

The answers to all your questions are recorded and a transcript is sent to you immediately on sign-up. If anything is incorrect, please let us know and we will rectify. In the event that you lose this transcript, we keep a record and can send it to you at any time. A copy of all conversations had via our chatbot can also be emailed to you and all calls had with our staff are voice logged and can be sent to you upon request.

Why do I have to answer so many questions to sign-up?

We try to get you the most accurate quote, and not just an indicative price. This avoids you having to have many calls and further forms thereafter. In order to do this, we have some basic information that we have to collect from you. We have done everything we can to reduce the effort for you, by gaining as much information from third party databases as possible. While it might feel like many questions, when compared to the traditional sign-up process, we have reduced it to a fraction of the time.

What if I answer a question incorrectly (unintentionally)?

It is simple to change your answers at any time. You call us or do it yourself online. Some answers may have an impact on your premium. If you only notice your error at the time of claim and can prove the correct version of the answer, then we will settle your claim and charge you for any additional premium that would have been due. If the correct version of your answer was such that, we would not have accepted you as a client originally, we will be happy to return your premiums and void your contract from inception.

Is there a benefit to staying loyal to one insurer?

There is no negative connotation to switching insurers. However, it is good to establish a track record and relationship with a single insurer. In the unfortunate event that you might suffer a loss that is not fully insured, your good history with the insurer could result in them treating your case more favourably.

Can I access and manage my policies myself?

Yes, you are able to do most things by yourself, online, at your leisure. From registering a claim. To amending your policy, to getting additional cover. If there is something you need us for, we are just a phone call away.

Do I have to insure household items when insuring my vehicle?

No. Although some products will give you a discount on your motor premium, if you also insure the contents of your home.

What loyalty program are you aligned/associated with?

We think cash is king and believe that giving you real money back is the way to go. We believe that the reason you have insurance is to claim when you need to, so rest assured, your rewards are not penalized when you claim. We offer cashback on most of our products and have an exciting rewards programme with many lifestyle benefits, coming soon.

Who are you underwritten by?

We have a panel of tier one insurers that have partnered with us. Each product is underwritten by one of these insurers and is clearly indicated on the product that you select.

How do I know what is covered under my insurance policy and what is not?

Everything.Insure makes it easy for you to compare products and see what is covered and not covered in a simple and clear way. In addition to this summary, you have access to the full policy wording before you choose to sign-up online. Once you sign-up we send you the policy contract and a summary of what is covered and not covered.

What is credit shortfall cover? When do I need it?

When you borrow money from a financial institution to purchase a vehicle, the effect of the interest charged could result in you owing more to the lender, than what your vehicle is worth. In the event of a total loss (theft, hi-jacking, write-off), we will pay you the value of your vehicle. Credit shortfall cover will pay the difference between what you owe and what your vehicle is worth, ensuring that you have no further liability to the lender. This is included in some products and available as an add-on you can purchase on others.

Why would I need personal liability cover?

Every one of us can be held liable for an act or omission that resulted in someone else suffering a loss. Your personal liability cover takes care of this cost. Please note, this excludes any advice or acts undertaken in your professional capacity.

What is an exclusion, warranty and endorsement?

An exclusion is some peril, condition or circumstance for which you are not insured. E.g. a loss caused by defective design or lack of maintenance. This is detailed in your policy wording and applies to everyone, not just you. A warranty is a condition of your insurance contract, based on information you have provided. Should this prove to be untrue, your contract will be invalidated. E.g. Having a tracking device in your vehicle. This is detailed in your policy schedule. An endorsement is information or conditions that are added to your policy contract. E.g. We may waive the alarm requirement because you live in a secure estate or lightening cover is restricted on your policy until a conductor is installed. This is detailed on your policy schedule and specific to you.

If I forget to tell you when something changes (e.g. my address), will I not be covered in the event of a claim?

We have made it easy for you to update your policy details at any time. It is important for you to notify us of any material changes timeously. Some changes may have an impact on your premium and therefore, at the time of claim we will settle your claim and charge you for any additional premium that would have been due, if you did not inform us earlier.

Can I pay via credit card?

Yes, payment via credit card is accepted. Everything.Insure gives you the flexibility to pay annually upfront, or via monthly debit to your credit card. We do not store your credit card details, ensuring your security.

How do I ensure that my details are kept safe and confidential?

Everything.Insure uses state of the art security protocols, with multiple layers of protection. Most data breaches happen through social engineering and compromise of passwords, so make sure you protect your login credentials and your data will be secure. We take your privacy very seriously and do not share your data with any other parties.

Am I insured with Everything.Insure or the insurer shown on the product I chose?

Everything.Insure curates the best products in the market, with each product underwritten by different insurers. We don't just find you the best product, but we are there every step of the way, handling your claims and servicing your relationship with the insurer. You are therefore insured with the insurer of the product you chose (clearly displayed to you), but you deal directly with us for all your needs.

Why are there so many different products?

There are a lot more products than these out there. We have carefully curated a variety of products that we believe are the best quality and price, catering to the needs of different demographics, lifestyles and life stages. We know that choosing may be overwhelming, but rest assured, whichever product you choose you will be covered by the best in the market.


If I find a cheaper price with another insurer, will you match it?

We pride ourselves on the ability to find you the best product at the best price, so we are confident that you will find a better deal on Everything.Insure, than anything in the market. If you do not, simply call us and we will beat that deal.

Who can I talk to if I get stuck and don’t know what to do, or need advice?

Your dedicated portfolio manager is always on hand to help. In addition, we have an army of client advocates, waiting to take your call and assist you.


Can I determine my excess?

Yes, absolutely. Everything.Insure aims for flexibility and tries to put the power in your hands. One of our unique features, is that we allow you to choose a unique excess for each insured item. So, if you are confident in your low risk status, then there is a big discount in store for you.

Can I insure/protect against my excess?

We like to keep insurance simple. Instead of taking out further insurance to protect against or cover your excess, we allow you to reduce your excess to whatever is manageable for you (and you can choose to have no excess at all).


For what period is my premium guaranteed?

Your premium is guaranteed for the first twelve months, provided there is no deterioration in your risk profile. Your premium will only increase, if you change one of your answers and this makes you a higher risk or if you claim frequently.



What is covered in personal?

Everything that you own in your personal capacity, and any liabilities that you may incur as an individual. Examples of this would be your car, your home and everything in it, your personal items like cell phones, jewellery and computers.