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SATIB partners with Everything.Insure

SATIB is delighted to announce a new partnership with Everything.Insure, an all-in-one digital insurance platform. Everything.Insure, has put together a range of insurance products aimed specifically at brokers.

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Our products extend to every facet of life, from personal home and car, to business assets, professional indemnity, to death and disability cover.

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We’ve designed a range of innovative plans that can be customised to offer peace of mind and great perks. Find your perfect fit.

Customisable benefits

Accidental Damage (Buildings)

Accidental Damage (Contents)

Accidental Damage (Office Contents)

Accidental Damage - Extended (Buildings)

Accidental Damage - Extended (Contents)

Accommodation/ Catering/Travel cost of a companion

Accompanying medical attendants

Average Waiver

Bike Fitment

Blackmail & Extortion

Blood Care Foundation

Concierge Assist

Cover for Business Run from Home (Assets)

Cover for Business Run from Home (Liabilities)

Cover Limit

Credit Shortfall

Cyber Insurance

Cycling Equipment Cover

Cycling Group Personal Accident Cover

Delivery of essential medicine

Your only insurance platform.

Our all-in-one insurance platform will empower you to understand and manage all your cover in one place. You’re in complete control of your portfolio with 24/7 online access.

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Get multiple comparative quotes from the top insurers, and get access to the best products at the best prices.

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Manage and adjust all your policies in one place. Customise your policy to your budget and needs.

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Claiming is quick and easy. You can submit a claim online anytime, anywhere. Stay up-to-date with the status of your claims in real-time.

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One Point of Contact

You’ll be assigned a dedicated portfolio manager, there to help whether it’s a question or a claim.

Manage Online

You’re in complete control of your portfolio with 24/7 online access. Make changes to your plan, or submit a claim anytime, anywhere.

No Paperwork - Ever

All your info and documents are captured online, and you won’t need to complete any additional paperwork at any point.

Best Deal in the Market

Always be confident that you have the best cover, at the best price, with the best insurers.

Personalised Products

Add to and adapt your Everything.Insure products so that you can create the cover you want.

Cover On and Off

Not using your car, or resting that scuba gear for the winter? Switch your insurance on and off with the click of a button.

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Answers to your questions.

A professional and qualified broker will understand your personal circumstance and risk appetite, will analyse your risk profile and the exposures you face, will highlight what is insurable and what not and will make design or recommendations on the best product solutions available to you. These products are often only available to you via a licensed professional intermediary such as Everything.Insure and cannot be bought directly. Everything.Insure will also generally provide these products to you at preferentially negotiated pricing because of their strategic relationships with insurers. Your broker is also available to provide ongoing advice, make policy amendments, submit and finalise claims on your behalf. Everything.Insure allows you to do any of these functions yourself by giving you access to our state of the art technology that enables you to safely and securely self-serve. Your broker is your agent, has your best interests at heart and always acts on your behalf with no alignment to any product provider, service provider or insurer.

No. Contrary to statements by direct insurers there is no extra cost to have a broker and no need to cut out the middle-man. In fact your broker (like your accountant, tax advisor and lawyer) provides a vital technical service that is best left to a professional even though you can do it yourself. Many benchmark studies have shown that the cost of insurance via a broker is no more expensive than buying directly and is often cheaper with the added benefit of having a professional to advise you through the complexities choosing the right covers and then navigating a complex claim.

You make peoples dreams come true by stitching together amazing itineraries for travellers! Office based and no wheels - just how you like it! Your most important need is to protect yourself for claims against you or your staff in resepct of errors, ommissions or where they believe you have acted negligently. So Professional Indemnity and Public Liability are your priority. Then you have the option through to look at options that cover other aspects of your business, such as Cyber Cover, Business Conents and lots more.

Everything that you own in your personal capacity, and any liabilities that you may incur as an individual. Examples of this would be your car, your home and everything in it, your personal items like cell phones, jewellery and computers.

GEAR is a travel assistance membership that is focused on Security and Natural Disaster responses that are not typically available in most travel insurance policies.

No, GEAR is a travel assistance membership. Travel insurance is primarily designed to provide financial protection against basic travel issues like trip cancellation and local medical bills. GEAR is a membership program that has been specifically designed to help you in extraordinary situations, such as a life-threatening travel crisis, or a security emergency.  You may find some travel insurances may include these services, but travel insurance doesn’t specialise in handling these kinds of situations on a daily basis.

Yes. The case will just need to be dealt with in South African courts due to the Jurisdication clause.

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