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The ultimate travel assistance membership, specifically designed to assist you in crisis.

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GEAR partners with Everything.Insure

Global Emergency Assistance and Response (GEAR) has teamed up with Everything.Insure, an all-in-one digital platform, to bring you access to a new and innovative travel assistance membership, focussed on protecting what really matters – you!

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More about Everything.Insure and GEAR

A travel assistance membership that focuses on emergencies.

A point of incident solution, specifically designed to see you through a crisis.

Protection to suit individuals, families and corporates.

Multiple cover limits available for single trips or annual cover. Find your perfect fit.

Customisable benefits

Accommodation/ Catering/Travel cost of a companion

Accompanying medical attendants

Blackmail & Extortion

Blood Care Foundation

Cover Limit

Delivery of essential medicine

Disappearance of persons - Search and Rescue

Dispatch of medical specialist

Emergency Accommodation


GEAR X Consult

Guarantee of payment for medical admission


Kidnap & Ransom (excl Ransom Payment&Negotiation)

Kidnapping, Hijacking, Rape (Trauma Counselling)

Means of evacuation

Medical advice

Medical evacuation and medical expenses

Medical Monitoring during & after hospitalisation

Medical repatriation expense: including quarantine

Introducing GEAR Tech

Our GEAR Tech mobile application provides members with a range of useful features, most importantly it will automatically send you security and safety alerts, based on your current location, it also provides a means of contacting the Global Response Centre when you need assistance.

Why Choose Us?


30-year proven track record
Expert team of in-house trained specialists operating in 130 countries
Global Response Centre (GRC) = support 24/7
Integrated solutions including security, medical and crisis

Instant Support and Response

No matter where in the world, our network is there to provide localised support.
Point of incident response – real-time, on-scene advice and support.
No guarantees of payment are required – we take care of required upfront payments on your behalf.


An integrated solution (emergency security, medical and crisis response)
Claims are instant & paperless
Immediate cashflow
Support is at the click of a button

Personalised Solutions

Personalise your membership by building a plan to suit YOUR needs
Affordable, multi-tiered and scalable packages
Annual or short-term membership plans
Flexible pricing and cover limits

Answers to your questions.

GEAR is a travel assistance membership that is focused on Security and Natural Disaster responses that are not typically available in most travel insurance policies.

GEAR X is the medical aspect of the GEAR Travel Assistance Membership focused on providing medical evacuation along with a host of other benefits.

GEAR Tech is a smart app designed for members to provide them situational awareness and ease of activating their membership.

Yes, apart from when a member elects to travel to Sanctioned countries, or locations where a recognised authority [being the home or host country, British Foreign Office, United States Department of State, and/or the Foreign Office of Canada] advises against all travel, the membership agreement is then amended to security advice only.

No, GEAR is a travel assistance membership. Travel insurance is primarily designed to provide financial protection against basic travel issues like trip cancellation and local medical bills. GEAR is a membership program that has been specifically designed to help you in extraordinary situations, such as a life-threatening travel crisis, or a security emergency.  You may find some travel insurances may include these services, but travel insurance doesn’t specialise in handling these kinds of situations on a daily basis.

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