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The Best Insurance You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


1. The only the biggest insurance providers

Everything.Insure offers insurance from only the biggest and most trusted insurance companies in South Africa. This includes the likes of Old Mutual, Hollard and Santam. You very rarely see these brands being quoted and compared on the online or direct insurance sites. This makes Everything.Insure different to anything else available out there.

The list of insurance companies offered include: Hollard, Santam, Old Mutual, Renasa, Western, and Lloyd's.

2. Price comparisons and choice

Everything.Insure will look for the best deals from these big insurers and you can choose which one you want to take. Your policy is direct with those insurers. Prices are generally lower than you could get if you went to them directly through a broker.

You can also get many different types of insurance for personal or business needs. There are some specialized offerings, like Professional Indemnity insurance, that are available. types of insurance

It is really easy to compare to your current insurance because everything is in one place. 

3. The ability to do everything online

The likes of Hippo only allow you to compare and receive quotes. With Everything.Insure you can get comparative quotes, buy, change and manage everything you need.  This makes it like the best of a Naked insurance (do everything online) and a Hippo (price comparison site) in one place.

The advantage on managing online is that it is so quick to buy. You can go from start to finish in under 7 minutes – with no call centres or paperwork. As they say on their website “you can get everything covered in one place in record time with no paperwork required”.

4. A real person when you need it

The one very special thing they do is that you still get assigned to a human insurance broker should you ever need to speak to a real person.  This often happens with claims that you want some help – ‘online when you want it and human when you need it’.  5. Low risk

Everything.Insure has been developed by one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in South Africa. But more than that, your insurance is direct with the big well known insurers. So you will never be left high and dry or feel like you are taking a chance on an unknown brand.

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